Monday, 23 April 2012


In the light of the recent revelations of the Fuel Subsidy Probe Panel Report, I have decided to publish a few things I wrote during the FSR strikes to remind us of why we took to the streets in the first place and to spur us into ensuring that the ceaseless hemorrhaging of our collective wealth is finally halted.

The Federal Government of Nigeria claims that removal of fuel subsidy is a short term sacrifice that will yield eternal benefits. They appear to plead with Nigerians for understanding while their actions scream "our mind is made and you can go to hell!".
But if subsidy removal will make this country better in about 3 years, should we not all be willing to suffer some short time inconvenience for long time reward? Absolutely not!

Nigerians have sacrificed enough already: daily we sacrifice our lives on the pothole littered roads that span the length and breathe of the country. We sacrifice our patience knowing that every year monies are appropriated for roads maintenance.
We sacrifice our livelihood, when we are paid meagre salaries and resort to begging to make ends meet.
We sacrifice our dreams: we take our children to schools with no desks nor books knowing they will learn nothing and amount to nothing in the end.
We sacrifice our future at clinics with no facilities nor doctors; your health care centres have become departure lounges
We sacrifice our time on the line, under extreme conditions to vote for you knowing that our condition will only worsen when you come into power.
We sacrifice our voices: you rule over us with arrogance, maintaining a lavish lifestyle, rubbing your opulence in our faces.
We sacrifice our rights: we are harassed and beaten by police on the streets, forced to pay bribes we don't have, jailed for crimes we did not commit.
We sacrifice our all everyday. We have nothing left to give!
So today we declare that its now your turn to sacrifice for us!

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