Sunday, 22 April 2012


I have always been fascinated by greek mythology. As a child, I read stories like Homer's Odyssey and  was transported with an almost 3D/HD imagination clarity to a world of fantasy and wonder. I also remember watching movie classics like Clash of the Titans which have left indelible prints in my head. It will  therefore come as no surprise to see that I have incorporated the name Chronos into blog.
Chronos, was the greek god of time-indeed he was the personification of time. Thus it was believed by the greeks that the hand of Chronos was in every aspect of their lives.


Like the Chronos of the ancient greeks, I shall be writing on issues that cover just about any subject matter and from any part of the world. Just as there is no limit to human thought or imagination, angaichronos will not be limited by time or space.We will talk politics, governance, sports, faith, fashion, family and any other thing that would appear in our timeline.
It promises to be an exciting ride. Welcome to my Time.

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