Tuesday, 27 August 2013


Still on the COZA controversy, Job Egila writes an open letter to Pastor Biodun Fatoyinbo; PASTOR BIODUN, REMEMBER SAMSON AND DELILAH   Quote:  “There are 3 sides to every story, your side, their side and the truth”   I have been following with knee interest the stories making the rounds in the social media about the alleged sexual scandal against your person and ministry as well as comments made by quite a number of persons.  The aim of this write up is not to take sides with any party but to offer some unsolicited advice.   I was lucky enough to attend your Sunday service today (25 August 2013) in Abuja and listen to you preach and make a brief remark concerning the scandal and can't help but to write this article.   What better analogy to use than the story of Samson and Delilah.  Most bible students and readers are familiar with the story but for the sake of those are not, let me give a brief summary of the story.   Samson was a Nazirite and a great man used by God in the Old Testament.  He was a judge over Isreal at the time and had been taking out great vengeance against Philistine.  Hoping to “capture” him, the Philistine leaders offered Delilah a sum of money to collaborate with them in order to uncover the secrets of Samson's great strength.   Delilah using the powers of seduction and deceptions, consistently wore down Samson until he finally told her the source of his powers.  When he slept on her lap, Delilah called the Philistine who shaved off his hairs.  Subdued and weak the great and powerful Samson was captured.   Pastor Biodun, there is a no doubt whatsoever that you have achieved a level of greatness and that you enjoy some fellowership as man of God.  You have come a long way from your humble beginnings that it can cause some to envy you.  Ese Walters story might be true or a lie, but the greater a man becomes, the more careful he should become.   No man is infallible, you are a man first before venturing into God's work(becoming a man of God).  You have a moral duty and obligation to live  above board.   There is no smoke without fire as they say, it is not a co-incidence that another woman has come up with another accusation and whether or not it's true only God knows but you must work on your “weaknesses” because there is no denying that everybody has got one or more.  Beware of sexual seduction as it has lead to the end of many great men and leaders.   Finally, whether or not the stories are true or not lets remember that accounts will be give to the Almighty and as they say these days He is watching us in 3D.  If the stories are true which only you, the ladies and God knows at the moment, then seek for true repentance and change your ways after all David in the bible committed so many atrocities but seeked forgiveness and was called a man after God's heart.  If there are mere fabrications to destroy your ministry, then keep doing God's work and run away from temptation, just like Joseph in Portiphar's house.  To the rest of us, nobody  holy pass so we should learn to be careful when passing judgment.  Let he who has no sin cast the first stone.   Job Egila Bauchi State Nigeria. 25th August, 2013.

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  1. Egila, you have said it al...Right on point!